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We where contacted to attend a leaking roof at Abbotsford. The owners had advised that on a heavy downpour the box gutters couldn’t cope with the water intensity and would cause leaks inside the premises. Upon arrival we noticed the box gutters where undersized and did not have the correct fall (gradient) towards the outlet. We recommended to upsize the box gutter and correctly fall the box gutter to achieve a compliant job and most importantly a job that would last for many decades to come. The Roof repair in Abbotsford consisted of removal of the roof sheets and box gutter. The re-framing of the box gutter to achieve the desired width depth and fall. The installation of the new box gutter and the old roof sheets re-installed and cut to size to save cost. The Roof repair in Abbotsford took a total of 2 days to complete from start to finish. This job was completed 5 months ago.

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