Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How quickly can I receive a quote?
A: We most occasions we can attend within a 2 days to provide a quote.

Q: How long does a roof restoration take?
A: An average sized home can take anywhere from 2 days to 5 days depending on what is involved.

Q: What is a full roof restoration?
A: A full roof restoration is where the entire roof is replaced with new roofing materials.

Q: What materials does Melbourne Roof Pluming use?
A: We only use genuine Blue scope steel we offer all products to suit every application.

Q: Do I need to move out for a metal roof restoration?
A: No there is no need to move out while works are carried out all works are done in a safe tidy manner.

Q: What do I do if my roof is leaking?
A: By contacting us we will assess the likely cause of the roof leak and determine the best options to resolve the leak with our extensive knowledge.

Q: What is your guarantee on work?
A: At Melbourne Roof plumbing we issue a compliance form through the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) which will cover you for a period of  years

Q: Do you have insurances?
A: Yes we are insured up to $10 million dollars of public liability insurance.

Q:  What type of services do you offer?
A: Melbourne Roof Plumbing specialise in all types of roofing and guttering works, we do roof repairs, roof restorations, gutter replacements, flashing repairs, polycarbonate roofing, verandas, downpipes, lead flashings, new roofs, broken tiles, leak detection and much more

Q: Do you accept credit card payments?
A: Yes we have merchant facility’s to be available to accept credit card payments

Q: Do you work on the weekends?
A: Yes we at Melbourne Roof plumbing do work on weekends

Q: Are you qualified to do this work?
A: Yes we are qualified. In Victoria any metal roofing has to be done by licensed roof plumber who can then issue a compliance form which will give you a warranty of 6 years through the (VBA) the Victorian building Authority.

Q: Do you remove asbestos?
A: Yes we can arrange to remove the asbestos from your home.

Q: Do you work in the rain?
A: Depending on the job we can work in slight drizzles but most times we will not be able to carry out works if it is raining

Q: Do you install skylights?
A: Yes we can install any skylight with flashing and recommend which product would be best suited for the application you are after

Q: What are the advantages of a metal roof over a tiled roof?
A: There are many advantages to choose a metal roof over a tiled roof. It has little to none maintenance as compared to a tiled roof which constantly needs to repointed and restored, has better heating and cooling properties when installed with blanket, can withstand hail damage unlike tiled roofs which crack and get damaged and are less prone to leakage issues

Q: Do you do roof repairs?
A: We at Melbourne Roof Plumbing carry out roof repairs whether it be a small or big job we can carter for any works.

Q: Do you do box gutter replacements?
A: Yes we can we do box gutter replacements

Q: Do you replace gutters?
A: Yes we can replace your gutters and give advice on the products available to you

Q: Do you do flashing repairs?
A: Yes we can replace any flashing that you require with our extensive knowledge be left assured you are in good hands

Q: Do you replace downpipes?
A: Yes we can replace any downpipes whether it be round, square or any material we can carter for any job

Q: Do you install pergola roofs?
A: Yes we at Melbourne Roof Plumbing can install any pergola roof you are after with so many options out there we can help with any product you desire.

Q: Should I install blanket under my roof?
A: It is always advised to install blanket beneath the roof with so many options out there we can help decide what product is best suited for your application this helps with heating and cooling

Q: What’s the difference between BMT and TCT?
A: The BMT is reference to base metal thickness this is the total steel substrate prior to any coating being added. TCT is the total coated thickness this is the thickness with the paint or coating o the steel substrate usually of a thickness of .05

Q: What’s the difference Colorbond and Zincalume?
A: The difference between Zincalume and Colorbond is that placed into an oven where the colour is then baked and bonded onto the Zincalume steel.

Q: What is Zincalume Steel?
A: Zincalume steel is a brand of bluescope like colorobnd trademark. The Zincalume steel has a mix of aluminium 55%, zinc 43.5% , silicon 1.5%

Q: What thickness can I get?
A: You can choose between a BMT.42 and BMT.48. The BMT.42 is most commonly used in domestic buildings. The BMT.48 is mostly commonly used in commercial applications.